Then I hit play and the audio track is audible for about half a second and then goes silent. Expansions for VST Instruments. Do you still not hear audio from an audio file then? ETEKNIX With a huge range of features, extensive component compatibility, a very impressive stock cooling configuration and a stylish design, the Anidees A17 gives a huge amount in return for a fairly modest price. Using Windows 7 64 bit installation with latest updates. The master meter moves only when other channels are playing. The short and stocky look is backed up with two separate chambers to assist with both case cooling, as well as component installation and cable management.

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Fan Hub and Fan Controller add on shipment from Are you interested in Cubase AI? Akdio got a nice waveform so the input must have been okay. Notice it is linked to the buttons just to the right of it by a series of dots. Still a red dot is displayed on the track’s meter see screenshot.

No tracks are soloed nor muted. Il design sicuramente non manca al modello AI7 soprattutto nel modello Window con paratia finestrata in plexyglass. Accepted Answer Pending Moderation. MS Windows7 actually fixed something!! The easy-to-use Key, Score and Drum Editors included in Cubase AI help to get the job done quickly without blocking the creative process when writing or zi7 a song. Create account and get Cubase AI now! Is there a way to clear this status? I found a discussion thread mentioning that there’s a “mix reset” switch in the mixer.


It makes all of the critical settings for both MIDI and Audio routing – specifically avoiding situations where doubling occur. Audil not telling you anything you don’t know, just making a point.

Education Steinberg offers a range of auudio at special education pricing for facilities, educators and students.

Cubase AI is ready to meet the demands of songwriting and production projects. Then I rewind to the beginning and hit play- and it’s still silent even the part that was okay during the adio time. I couldn’t find it. Please login to post a reply.

aueio It is your responsibility to prevent other audio pathways such that only one is active at a time. I was working with adding voices from Cubase VST presets and Lots of options for air cooling. When you playback the track in Cubase, does the Stereo Out meter playback?

Then I’ve set up a mic and recorded an Audio track.

I tried to write and play fader automation. Cubase AI7- audio track goes silent Find topics on computers, studios and music-related hardware.

Cubase AI | Steinberg

The Chord Track facilitates working with chords in a project context and enables transform and harmonize functions throughout the application while the Chords Pads allow an easy way to play chords or try out different arrangements. MixConsole with up to 4 inserts and 4 sends per channel. Boasting up to four insert effect slots and four effect sends and returns wudio well as eight group channels, this powerful virtual mixer offers a lot of flexibility. I can hear track in main project auddio using scrub and play with LH mouse button held down.


Do you still not hear audio from an audio file then? Is there somewhere that tells you what fixes features each update revision includes?

But it also is sending audio signal through the USB cable on to the computer which ultimately also outputs the audio to the audio interface which as mentioned, happens to be the MOXF. Cubase AI not only features powerful recording and editing tools, it also includes a complete set of great-sounding VST 3 effects plug-ins covering everything from EQ to dynamics to reverb. This software version does not support bit plug-ins.