But some interesting effect observed instead. But like with gaming and programs that use only some of your cores it is appropriate to have THOSE cores ramped up a bit. When AMD first introduced its Brazos platform at the end of last year it promised annual updates to the platform. I am guessing the turbo mode is regulated in software, because it is highly unlikely they had he time to change the core design of the CPU in such a short time. Is this actually an uncommon feature?

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Ammd, a maximum of 4 cores for stage 2, and all cores for stage 1. Or just raise the bus speed and leave it on.

What is the difference between the two? But like with gaming and programs that use only some of your cores it is appropriate to have THOSE cores ramped up a bit. Log corre Don’t have an account? Execution time dropped from secs to s while CPU time increased from 15s to 22s.

Speeding up AMD C APU and similar devices

Turbo is awesome, its like an OEM overclock setting. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. I know that the n4xx series chips cannot run HD p video in a flash player on their own Maybe someone can point out a month last year but my foggy memory wants to say that it wasn’t too long after TSMC declared their buggy 40nm fixed that these were probably already like Llano did at the beginning of the month shipping to OEMs so they could have the E and C lines of APUs by CES.


Just wish someone would put one in a netbook with a 10″ screen, 2GB ddr3, and something other then Windows Starter When combined with the faster GPU you might see significantly better gaming performance out of the E It allows with x6.

So with turbo fully on you get pretty close to E speeds for the watts of a C Today we get the first official update to the platform.

So I tried to change CPU part params. Go to original post. Are you able to undervolt your device? Is this actually an uncommon feature? The E has seen a better reception, but there’s still only a handful of models that qualify as netbooks that use it.

Message – Posted: In this state CPU multiplier is severily reduced, x6. I would be surprised if turbo wasn’t there from the beginning but just wasn’t feasible because it was buggy, too hot, some combination of several problems that cause them to be inoperable, maybe even worse case kill the APU, etc. Sorry that I haven’t checked here for a long while.


AMD Turbo Core enable vs auto? | Community

Now would be interesting to find from what point BIOS? Maybe by the time this is released there will be half a dozen products on the market that use the C We are back to HD I tubro they can do better then 20w with a quad on 28nm. Soli Deo Gloria ID: Raistmer Volunteer developer Volunteer tester Send message Joined: I’m not an overclocker so telling me to just have it disabled is not needed.

I mean, I know that netbook manufacturers have been tight with intel for a while – they have definitely had the better solutions in most cases Much space in between to check. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

I don’t know what’s holding people back