The only part of installation that irked me was that ATI no longer puts all the outputs along the back of the AGP card. WHy do the All in Wonder cards have a seperate output cable like this one shown in the the Ebay listing? Fromwhat I have read the older range of cards with the theatre chipset seem tobe the more respected cards on here, so I have been looking at some of thenewer cards from this generation such as the Atiall in wonder pro – what dopeople think of this card? Then the ATI setup wizard guides you through the process of scanning for FM and TV stations, putting in your postal code for program guide information for your area, and downloading the Gemstar guide. I suppose this is balanced out by the fact that no internal power connection is needed, but with the input breakout box and output cables there’s a lot of stuff running around the back of your system. This should only take a few moments.

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The average game player will find it more than adequate, but if you’re a cutting-edge gamer be warned that this card is probably not right for you. This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat Just a few points, if I am not mistaken: A centralized on-screen control console makes it easy to choose and manage the playback of everything from recorded TV shows, radio programs and live television, to music and DVD movies.

Later products also comes with a Remote Wonder remote control and a USB RF receiver to receive radio frequency signals from the remote. In addition to all of the goodies introduced with the All-in-Wonder Pro, the updated version of Multimedia Center now version 8. There’s a single large output port, and you connect a stiff, octopus-like cable bundle to it.


Hit play when you get back to the couch, and the video will play from where you left off while the show continues to be recorded to the hard drive. The outputs are all provided via this adapter cable that splits into two VGA outputs, composite and s-video outputs, and audio output cables used to get audio passed through the All-in-Wonder to your sound card.

Personally, I prefer to put my computing money into a high-end video card and a separate add-in card with the multimedia features.

ATI’s All-in-Wonder 9200, 9600, and 9600 XT – Wal-Mart dabbles in a bit of ATI

Aside lal some minor software changes, I’m really referring to two huge additions: Yes, that’s right, the All-in-Wonder Pro supports two monitors. I know the 3.

Despite all the features of the XT, it’s surprisingly easy to set up. Read our community guidelines here.

The xti All-In-Wonder line is aimed squarely at multimedia junkies, and it has features that will make couch potatoes weak in the knees.

Those tests show that there is a definite performance advantage over the Pro, and it is almost even with the XT. Good luck in finding one now. The software wondfr is about the same as with the AiW Pro. The only drawback is that it can only record one channel at a time, and can’t record one channel while you’re watching another.

We aim to create a safe and valuable space for discussion and debate. Video cards ATI Technologies products. This bundle adds a lot of extra bulk directly behind the PC in the form of extra wiring and cable connectors, and the octopus forced me to keep the PC pulled out a little farther than usual from the wall.

The card can capture video from a camcorder, VCR or other source and record it to the hard drive for storage. XT, [17] Pro, [18] Regular [19].



ATI’s All-in-Wonder Pro – ATI All-in-Wonder Pro: Multimedia Refresh

The only point to pick on here is that while the receiver has a longer range, for some reason it’s also much bulkier than its predecessor. Some variants 96000xt the All-in-Wonder included FM radio tuning as well. My last of four ATI cards is just about to be retired.

While one of today’s PCs with a fast processor and lots of RAM should remain useful for many years, video cards become obsolete in a faction of that amount of time – people who run the latest graphics-intensive programs usually upgrade their video accelerators at least a couple of times over the life of their PC.

If you are looking to give feedback on our new site, please send it along to feedback globeandmail. There isn’t much of an increase in speed in Jedi Academy, though, where it seems qll we’re a bit more dependent on overall system performance to get a higher score. The older cards, if you can get them I see some on 9600xf have AGP graphics connections. If you’ve ever installed a basic video or add-in PCI card, you can install this board.

Very cool, and the amount of video you can store is only limited by the amount of hard disk space on your machine. I have two ‘s and a XT MB. The 50MHz memory clock increase seems to be the result of time that ATI has taken to go over and tweak out the remaining juice, something that wasn’t originally planned.

It will not work.