Any and all suggestions are appreciated. My swing speed is on the border between regular and stiff flex, so the gold Fuji is a better choice for me than the red. I love the feel and most of my shots looked great. Any suggestions on shaft and loft would be appreciated. And let me repeat, for those uninterested in scrolling up, this is the best driver I ever had.

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They then go another extra step in providing two different types: I hit 50 balls most of which went straight but none rose more than 10 feet off the ground and covered no distance at all, I felt somewhat disappointed. Hit a D2 9. This club is going to be in my bag for a long time.

Cleveland Hibore XL Tour Drivers

With the much bigger Hibore XL, I feel that I need to tee it up and I have experiemented a bit, and I seem to get the ball up much better with a high tee. The first one is too shallow, closed-faced, and ugly, with no CG alignment aid. Regarding the question about whether this driver might be suitable for a higher handicapper: I am in the market for a new driver, and this one has caught my hibor He is right, of course.

Tons of clubface, and it sits on the ground very nicely — not closed. My swing speed is generally between mph. This seems more like a hitters club than a swingers club.


That is saying something as with every driver I have purchased, the first thing I do is change out the grip. What I found right away was mostly straight balls with a high, driving flight that carried forever. I hit his against the superquad TP and the Hibore bombed it way past and was tout easy to hit. I am trying to decide which Cleveland driver would be best for me.

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Cleveland HiBore XL Tour – Previous Model Year Reviews – GolfWRX

Sometimes it fades a little bit. This thing really does hit bombs, I averaged about yds on my drives today but had 3 that were over yds one which was yds. The gold shaft has an active tip and I swing the driver averaging mph and I just launched the ball too high for my liking. Lots of shots seemed to balloon. I was skeptical of these numbers on the simulator, but found that the ball just jumped off of the club face on the range.

This is somewhat better with the XL Tour.

Went on line for a good review and got a great one thanks. Edited by electroleum, 21 August – Clevelabd Holes With Gary Player. From behind the clubs you are more easily able to see how Cleveland has moved weight behind the bottom half of the ball Once I was comfortable with the clubs I hit each of them off the extreme toe and heel to see how they would perform.


Cleveland HiBORE XL and XL Tour Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

I am longer,straighter,with or without wind. Had been playing the Titleist D1 for about weeks.

I can break the barrier on a warm day. A shaft change — higher kickpoint — may help you get the clubhead in a better position. Must have been having an ordinary day, as the FT3 was hlbore shorter and more prone to reacting to a bad swing, with a fade and gibore snap hooks. Shafts have a lot to do with spin. Nothing super special with them in the range, all them straigth the FTi short!!

ihbore The good shots that I hit were the earliest ones before the round and during the round. I have been playing with it for about a year. I went from my at 8.