I loved my G5 until, ironically, I killed it by spilling water on it. Sees use on my old computer. Logitech G5 or VX revolution. As a bonus, it has cool glowy light bars on it…. Both are excellent gaming mice with all the requisite features — i. In search of a mouse Hardware and technical stuff. They look a bit strangely-shaped, but those rubber grips look comfortable.

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I was using the MS Sidewinder for a while, which satisfies my need for a heavier mouse, but I was unimpressed with the build quality.

Dell 7 Button Matte Black XPS Premium Bluetooth Mouse (UN733 DH956 DH421)

Now I need a recommendations for a light, snappy mouse. Moude is my primary gaming mouse. I loved my G5 until, ironically, I killed it by spilling water on it. Still a great design and probably cheap nowadays. Most pet stores will carry a variety of sizes, although most of them are meant to feed to other animals.

Logitech G5 or VX revolution.

I have a profile for BF that has DPI settings at , and crazy gunship stunts for the win. I like it better than the G9, as well. Not a problem for either mouse. I own 6 mice. I use a G5 at work, and a G9 at home for playing games.


Dell XPS Optical 4-button Wireless Bluetooth Mouse – Dh421

Very responsive and confortable. I really hate this mouse. I have a sidewinder, but the shape is a bit too unconventional for me.

Ditto, with the only caution being that the firmware update process is somewhat touchy as I recall. My mouse, keyboard, and brand-new dual-monitor KVM died because of a small cd-sized amount of water underneath the keyboard. I have one at work and one in the home office. That seems to be a better configuration.

It also felt a bit cheap. I have a crysis profile set with and DPI settings.

I finally did it. Its shape typically takes some getting used to, but its vertically positioned side buttons are awesome. I have long, thin fingers and this is light enough to use. I use the G9 at the office and the Sidwinder on my desk at home. Any diamondback lovers find something they like db421 I actually prefer the VX Revolution more and more and bought one for travel as well.


Does Logitech have Mac drivers for the G series?

DH – Parts for Dell – Mouse, Wireless, 5BTN, Bluetooth, Greenland Platform

It developed a fault in the RMB after a couple of months – I think something got stuck under the mouse button, making clicks with that button awkward and often not register. My favorite for gaming is still the revised G5. Sees use on my old computer. I still prefer the Logitech G5 but I am intrigued by the over-under thumb buttons.

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Both are excellent gaming mice with all the requisite features — i. Now I use a Razer Deathadder, a pretty decent mouse. The G5 is good but the G9 is truly the Mouse of the Gods.

My old non-gaming mouse pre-Revolution.