When I put the rear cover back on it didn’t slide in all of the way. Do you sell refurbished models? I actually tried that before I posted First make sure the driver for the printer is installed. Anyway, I got it! You can install the drivers manually for FREE. Unfortunately, they aren’t available new anymore, although apparently I can still buy refurbished models through Penguins Express, whom I’ve never heard of.

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You may have a bad carriage board, it could also be a logic board failure. Alignment went without incident. There are many, many posts regarding “pink flu”. So, I’d quadrupled the previous problem.

She said it deskmet okay when it was put in storage, and did not have any use for it.

Hook the box into the parallel port then the zip and printer will have their own connection into the box. It will take a half-hour or so and a few rinsings to remove the ink. I have a c apparently basically the same as the c.

I hope you can follow what my problem is and what I am trying to say ;rinter. I checked Ebay and came up with numerous choices.


Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. Now blot the nozzles of the cartridge on the paper towel, for a black cartridge you should see two black stripes, for a color cartridge you should see three colored stripes, if you don’t have all stripes the cartridge is clogged or bad. Or Easy Driver Pro registered version If you are using refills the odds favor the problem being prjnter cartridge.

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Because it has such a large ink cartridge and it is refillable.

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I have been switching the printer back and forth between computers. What do you think? Apparently the left-to-right margin has shifted. I use the alignment test page and look for any missing blips.

HP Deskjet 722c

I spent a good part of yesterday reviewing the currently available crop of printers. It was a little difficult to be sure on the reprint, with different lettering in each line, as there was still a possible hint of variability.

The best part of all is that it uses the same ink cartridges used by the C, so I will be able to use up all the ink cartridges I had purchased for my old printer, before it died on me. Easy Driver Pro free scan will find all the outdated drivers on your PC. I tried a new black cartridge, it didn’t help.


Uninstall and reintall the printer driver. I also again cleaned off the contacts on the cartridges. Eger on May 16, at 9: This is the message I got: Does anyone 72c where I can buy a rear access door, part number C?

Yikes, the price has gone up! Thank you – unknown.

Xl you ever get an answer to your only printing Magenta? It shouldn’t be as hard as it seems to get the rear to pop up, so maybe there is a better way.

View this web page and click on XP to see my point. The encoder strip is a bit dirty and I will clean it.