Ideally I would like to be able to dual boot the two, but although windows on the ide drive can see the SATA drive and quite happily reads and writes. On the MakeDisk welcome screen shown below, click Next. Nov 8, at 6: Double click on test. Dus je download deze.

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I just need the general idea of it how to create the floppy itself so it “works”I’ll take care of finding the correct drivers themselves If you own a licensed copy of an Image product, supply your product key.

Win XP setup cannot access the SATA hard drive – Tech Support Forum

I read really carefully your manual. To install your operating system on a new SATA hard drive you are going to This is a disc you need to create using the test. Now I satq have to find the mobo chipset drivers for xp. Thank You in advance for your input! This way you can make sure it does not miss the SATA driver prompt screen when it has finished loading all the drivers.

For details on these options, see the Image product manual. In most cases it will return multiple files since there is usually more than one version of the program located on the motherboard disk. Mount the Serial ATA hard drive.

7 creating a floppy with raid driver | Asus SK8V User Manual | Page /

This will show you once the program has completed creating your driver disk. Thanks for your thoughts. Hi — I have a similar problem, majedisk.exe with a slight difference.


You can now easily finish up your install on your system. In the beginning of the installation it says you should press F6 to load additional drivers.

Since the system will take a few minutes loading drivers for the installation I would recommend tapping the F6 key several times when this screen first comes up. Once you have it selected you should see several files on the disk. Didn’t work But thanks anyway. This step may not be necessary because Windows can usually identify a SATA hard drive after it has been fully installed as mentioned above.

Once you have copied the files, go to your floppy disk in your A: If you are unsure or do not have that information available you saya check the model on the board itself [usually located near the PCI slots].

Ill try again, and again, and again, using different methods, but its quite annoying after a while EDIT: By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

You don’t know what these additional drivers are or you are already away making a sandwich in the kitchen, so the message disappears and the setup continues. Do a system point restore prior to this and attempt a reboot.

CopyWipe Hard Drives

Once you power up the system let it boot into Windows you so can make use of the Disk Management utility. Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment. Jun makediks.exe, Posts: From this point you can move to the second portion of our guide that will walk you through how to use your SATA drivers disk during the Windows installation process. Check any final options you need to have configured. Make sure you have it in an ideal spot so that both the power cables and data cables can reach the drive without a problem.


The TBU CopyWipe page has links to the sort of equipment that can be used to attach maledisk.exe drives in this manner and we have added a couple of examples in the notes at the end of this page.

Buying a cheap Tbyte as a backup to what you have may be good insurance for protecting the hours involved already.

Basically to format the drive to its full capacity you needed to make sure that you have all your Windows updates which it sounds like you do.

If so, run that version of test.