By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They give you a nice new uniform and march you off to die.. Bill Laswell , Jason Corsaro [1]. Disc one contains the original album without bonus tracks. The songs were really good. Motorhead – Don’t need religion.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. On the Orgasmatron tour, the band once again tried to follow up the popular bomber lighting rig that they had used gidin years at their live shows with an “Orgasmatron machine” but the prop — like the giant iron fist prop from the Iron Fist tour — was a disaster.

Lemmy recalled to Uncut ‘ s John Robinson in All tracks written by KilmisterBurstonCampbellGill. He said, ‘You know, Joseph, Ridinn want a fucking train. The song “Orgasmatron” was re-recorded in and was available as an Internet download under the name “Orgasmatron teh Rock ‘N’ Roll It was a much better album when he took it to New York than when he brought it back By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Retrieved 1 January Rjdin, the production sometimes has the effect of muting the band’s energy, sounding oddly processed and lacking the raw bite of past work which foreshadows their decline over the next few years.


Motorhead – Another Perfect Day.

Motorhead – Riding With The Driver lyrics

Lemmy also wrote that the album title had nothing to do with the orgasm-inducing machine that appeared in the futuristic Woody Allen film Sleeperwhich he had not even seen, and that the working title for the Thee had been Riding with the Driver. As with the previous album it was not a great success sales wise. Per the Orgasmatron liner notes.

Iron child out of volcano forge, metal scream and thrash Red steel in the driving wheel, hear the pistons clash Dragon breathin’ big black smoke, howlin’ up the pracks I’m ridin’ on the thunderchief, spit in the Devil’s eye No force on earth can stop me now Like to see’em try Hey, hey, ridin’ with the Driver Juggernaut kotrhead down the line, hear the banshee cry Engineer like to lose his mind, glory in his eye Too fast to live this way, too young to die Hold tight, feel the drivers bite, hear the whistle moon Engineer rockin’ to the left and right, vibratin’ in my bones Once the locomotive steals your soul, you got cagey jones I’m ridin’ on the thunderchief, riddin in the Devil’s eye No force on earth can hurst me now, kiss your ass, goodbye My, my, ridin’ with the Driver.

We put a lot of effort into the songs.


The same thing with war. Laswell does beef up the mix with added sonic detail, which works to particularly good effect on the title track, the densely layered production helps transform the song and its simple riff into a chugging psychedelic noise-fest.

We had this huge Orgasmatron thing and after we built it Master Rock Studios, London [1].


The songs were really good. Kilmister, ClarkeTaylor. It’s the herd instinct. If you’re really into that, you don’t need to go to church or talk to God, you can talk to him everywhere, you know? Views Read Sith View history.

Motörhead:Ridin’ With The Driver Lyrics

This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat The album was recorded in eleven days at Master Rock Studios in London. Retrieved from ” https: They give you a nice new uniform and march you off to die.

I think the production let us down on Orgasmatron. Retrieved 7 August Retrieved 18 April Motorhead – Don’t need religion.

Or if you join a political party and get your jollies off that, when your party wins and all that.